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Real estate sales consulting

We offer consulting for those who are thinking about buying and selling real estate in Malta.

We will discuss in detail about the introduction of various properties, local guidance, transaction flow and financial plans. Our company is responsible for consulting.

Features of consulting

A sense of security in high-value transactions

Real estate is expensive. You may encounter fraud when dealing with foreign countries. For example, someone went to the place and traded directly with an individual, but it cost a lot of unnecessary money. By eliminating such anxiety through our consulting services, you can conduct safe real estate transactions.

Various procedures

Depending on your financial plan, you may also need to open a local bank account. We will guide you through these various procedures. We have partnered with reliable local real estate agents, notary public, tax accountants, lawyers, etc., which are indispensable for various procedures, and we strive to make smooth and safe transactions.

Handling only in Malta

When purchasing a new property in Malta, the price depends on the internal integrity of the property. (1) Shell (2) Semi-finished method (3) Completed method (4) All equipment incidental. In addition, there are many people who purchase (contract) at the planning stage of new construction (incomplete), and even if the size described at the start of the contract is different from the size at the time of completion, there is no major problem as long as it is within 5%. Based on Malta's own characteristics.

Consulting flow

Confirmation of request

First, we will hear your request with a free consultation.

For customers who want to buy, imagine a real estate transaction in Malta, including basic transaction flow, various real estate descriptions, purchase methods, funding plans, and relationships with passport programs. For sale, we pick up a major local real estate agent and introduce it to a notary.

If necessary, we will guide you to Malta.

Only customers who buy and sell go to the next step.

Consulting contract

After completing the free consultation, we will enter into a consulting contract with customers who wish to buy or sell. We will explain the contents of our consulting, expenses, compensation, etc., and only those who consent will be signed.

The remuneration we receive is a success remuneration type. There will be no compensation until the transaction is completed. However, various costs may occur during the transaction. Please be assured that we will inform you about them in advance.

After completing the consulting contract, you will proceed to the next step.

Introduction of various properties and local guidance

If you wish to purchase, we will introduce information about the property currently on sale according to your request. We will guide customers by making the most of our unique information network, including properties listed on the Internet and property information that only local real estate agents can know.

It also provides local information. I am worried alone. Are you okay? rest assured. A dedicated staff will accompany you.

As soon as certain properties are determined, proceed to the next step.

Explanation of important matters and sales contract

When the real estate to be purchased is decided, it becomes an explanation of important matters and a sales contract. It is signing after investigating the property in advance and checking various documents.

After reviewing and approving the various documents, the signature is made locally (in principle).

Pay the deposit and it will be completed first. The flow will vary depending on the transaction, but we will continue to support it.

Next is the last step.

Transfer of ownership and completion of consulting work

As soon as the necessary steps for the purchase, such as identification in the notary and financial plan, are completed, the balance of the asset is paid and delivered. Keys are passed to new completed and completed properties, and ownership is passed to new unfinished properties.

Once you have ownership, you pay a consulting fee. The business is complete. The total duration is about 4 months on average. * Excluding passport programs.

In addition, after the project is completed, we will conduct post-consultation and tax consultation with a tax accountant. These are our long-term consulting services.

In this way, our real estate buying and selling consulting can alleviate concerns about overseas real estate transactions, and enable overseas migration and overseas real estate investment. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Please feel free to contact us

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1-9-4 Hanagawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
1 minute walk from Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa Station North Exit

Reception hours

Inquiries by form are accepted 24 hours a day.

Regular holiday

Wednesday,1st and 3rd Tuesday