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Passport program

In Malta, you can get a passport when you rent or purchase a property. Each has different requirements, but getting a passport gives you citizenship and gives you easy access to Malta-based European and African continents.

You can also obtain a passport without purchasing real estate.

Real estate lessees and buyers' passport programs, and programs that only obtain a passport, have different requirements. We provide consulting according to customer requirements.

Features of passport program

Acquired Malta citizenship (permanent residence)

There are two main types of passport acquisition in Malta.

Cases acquired through the purchase or rental of real estate (MPRP)

Cases acquired through investment in Malta (MIIP)

Each has detailed rules and conditions.

By obtaining citizenship (permanent residence) you can travel to the EU / Schengen area without a visa. (There is no time limit for a three-month stay.) There is a tax incentive known as a major advantage for the wealthy.

Business development based in Malta

Malta is an excellent economic center because it is located approximately in the middle of the European and African continents.

Expected to expand in Europe and Africa, leading companies from all over the world have entered the market. In particular, blockchain companies are already moving in anticipation of Malta office development.

We work with various partners such as lawyers, tax accountants, and the home country's chamber of commerce to provide consulting tailored to each customer.

Passport program flow

Here is the flow from inquiry to service provision.

Contact Us

Please contact us by phone or email first.

* In order to grasp the details in detail, please contact us by e-mail

I recommend it.

After confirming your inquiry, the person in charge will contact you.


Consulting according to customer content.

We ask for details such as confirmation of the purpose of obtaining a passport and prospects for business development, and make proposals according to the purpose.

There are many cases where we come to the company, but it is also possible for the person in charge to visit for a busy manager. Please tell me what you want.

Consulting contract

The consulting contract is created based on the consulting content received in Step 2.

Since this is a performance-based contract, consulting fees will not be incurred if there is an inconvenience such as failure to obtain a passport (MIIP) or business development.

However, various expenses such as field surveys and visits may occur. In that case, please be assured that we will guide you in advance.

* For MPRP consulting contracts, payment is made when the purchase or rental of real estate is completed.

Next is the last step.

On-site visit and passport acquisition procedure

After signing the consulting agreement, work with your Malta business partner to guide you as needed.

For MPRP ... Travel to Europe to see pre-surveyed assets.

Please be assured that the staff will accompany you.

For MIIP: Interview with a Maltese notary or tax accountant.

The minimum time required to obtain a passport is 1 to 5 years.

Please feel free to contact us

Inquiries and consultations over the phone


Reception hours:9:30~18:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday, 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Inquiries by form are accepted 24 hours a day.



1-9-4 Hanagawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
1 minute walk from Tobu Skytree Line Asakusa Station North Exit

Reception hours

Inquiries by form are accepted 24 hours a day.

Regular holiday

Wednesday,1st and 3rd Tuesday